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Making GitHub a place where everyone belongs

We are dedicated to building a community and team that reflects the world we live in and pushes the boundaries of software innovation.

The power of people

We believe in the transformative power of engaging different perspectives. That's why we hire talented people from around the world and encourage building strong networks that cross backgrounds, time zones, and accents. We are built to be truly global.

People initiatives

We hold ourselves accountable to build an engaging experience by following the diversity, inclusion, and belonging (DI&B) initiatives, which are informed by Hubbers and our Inclusion Advisory Council.

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Internal Training

We require unconscious bias, privilege, and allyship training for all employees. This empowers everyone to develop awareness, exercise curiosity, and demonstrate courage.

Inclusive Hiring

We set and track ambitious goals for women, racial and ethnic minorities, hiring, retention, and other diversity metrics. All our hires also go through a DI&B conversation during the interview process.

Diversity Reports

We survey all Hubbers about the inclusive environment at GitHub. Additionally, our annual Diversity Report shares our progress in diversity efforts, like representation in leadership.

Our Communities of Belonging

We are inspired by the whimsical culture at GitHub.
Here’s how our icon for OctoAsians came to be.

Adacats — named after Ada Lovelace, the first computer programmer — are champions of, and for, marginalized genders in tech.

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Adacats’ goals

Member engagement

Offer training and facilitate conversations to empower our members to talk about career opportunities, compensation, and advancement

Career development and retention

Provide leadership development opportunities and encourage members to take on leadership roles within Adacats projects

Internal resources and communication

Partner with teams across the company to reduce bias and ensure all feel welcome at GitHub throughout hiring, onboarding, and reviews

Blacktocats attract and empower Black lives in tech. The Blacktocats are celebrating their fifth year and are the original CoB at GitHub.

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Blacktocats’ goals

Recruitment and community-building

Support GitHub’s efforts to attract the best Black talent and build an internal community that connects Hubbers with Blacktocats’ initiatives

Career development and retention

Promote Blacktocat leadership and development at all levels within GitHub

Open source and education

Support the Black community’s participation in open source projects and coding

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Octoasians celebrate heritage, foster community, and empower Asian and Pacific Islander leadership.

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Octoasians’ goals

Member engagement

Host events, community impact initiatives, and marketing efforts to create and foster a place of belonging, raise awareness, and have fun together

Business impact

Support Asian market development by providing cultural guidance, research, and API leadership to the organization

Opportunity and advancement

Empower and advocate for Asian and Pacific Islander presence in leadership

Octogatos bring together people with Latinx backgrounds and build a more inclusive universe by energizing and empowering multicultural perspectives.

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Octogatos’ goals

Recruitment and retention

Support GitHub’s efforts to attract the best Latinx talent

Community and product

Give back to Latinx communities and help make GitHub’s products more inclusive

Communication and leadership development

Mentor Octogatos to advance their careers and build efficient channels for them to communicate internally

Octoqueer exists to celebrate, elevate, and advocate for LGBTQ communities.

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Octoqueer’s goals

Foster GitHub inclusivity

Strengthen GitHub’s inclusive culture by supporting the success and belonging of LGBTQ Hubbers

Support and serve our community

Engage with the LGBTQ community through events and outreach in tech and open source

Advocate for LGBTQ policy

Leverage GitHub’s influence to advocate for LGBTQ-inclusive policies around the world

Octovets assist veterans—and those affiliated with military service—with transitioning to civilian life through fellowship, mentorship, and recruiting.

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Octovets’ goals

Octovets help highlight veteran-related disabilities, assist their transition back into civilian life, and aid nonprofits that support veterans seeking a career in tech. This is a group dedicated not just for veterans, but for all of those who are affiliated with the trials and tribulations of military service.

Parentocats foster a culture where Hubbers can thrive at work and as parents.

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Parentocats’ goals

Parentocats are an energetic community focused on providing access to parenting resources, workshops to share experiences and teach practical skills, and always thinking of the full ecosystem of our Hubbers.

Neurocats is an emerging CoB dedicated to supporting and improving the lives of neurodiverse people through action and education.

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Neurocats’ goals


Educating Hubbers about Neurodiversity and helping us become a more inclusive company.

Community Support

Enabling our Neurodiverse employees to be themselves at GitHub and do their best work.


Working with external groups and individuals to support neurodiversity throughout developer and tech communities.

OCTO7 is committed to celebrating global indigenous heritage and intersectionality to support and honor the tribes around the world.

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OCTO7’s goals

Honoring the indigenous wisdom of Seven Generations states: “we must consider the impact of our decisions on the seventh generation, so that they may enjoy what we have today”.

Connect open source to indigenous organizations—promoting awareness, proximity to community, and sustainable change.

Inclusion Advisory Council provides advice on new ideas, practices, and programs to help build an inclusive culture at GitHub.

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Inclusion Advisory Council’s goals

Model and facilitate inclusive practices in Hubbers’ daily interactions.

Inform and participate in the Diversity, Inclusion, & Belonging roadmap and strategy.

Review and recommend inclusive policies and practices to implement at the company and team level.

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