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Featured Article

Coding accessibility: Building autonomy with AI

After bringing Braille to the digital world and creating the first screen reader for the web, Dr. Asakawa is now working on an AI-enabled suitcase to help blind people navigate the world independently.


Powering public goods

Exploring developer happiness through the vibrant Laravel community and the impact of digital public goods on open source, AI models, Wikipedia, and more.

Anton Mirhorodchenko

Realizing potential with AI

Anton uses AI to write code and tackle more projects.

Josh Goldberg

Formatters, linters, and compilers: Oh my!

An overview of how those three kinds of static analysis tools work in the JavaScript/TypeScript ecosystem.

Anton Mirhorodchenko

Harness the power of generative AI for software development

Tools like GitHub Copilot and ChatGPT can change the way you build software.

Gio Lodi // Automattic

Accelerate test-driven development with AI

Get faster feedback loops by letting GitHub Copilot augment your TDD workflow.

Mikio Braun

The unique origins of open source in machine learning

How open source came to dominate machine learning and what that means for today.

Featured Article

From gaming with your eyes to coding with AI: New frontiers for accessibility

With open source, developers with disabilities can contribute, collaborate, and participate like never before.

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