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Claudio Wunder // Hubspot

Find edge case errors in your code base

GitHub Copilot offers some surprising benefits for solving particularly stubborn problems.

Jess Pomfret // Data Masterminds

Improve productivity through incremental automation

Small enhancements to daily workflows can have an outsized impact on the amount of available space in our day.

Noah Gift // Pragmatic AI Labs

Scaling MLOps education

Manage the complexity of MLOps by centralizing the process on GitHub.

Featured Article

What’s in a name? Moving GitOps beyond buzzword

An open source effort to define GitOps might save it from becoming just another buzzword.

Safia Abdalla // Microsoft

How to optimize your code reviews

It’s wise to think of them as a bridge to empathy, knowledge-sharing, and team-building.

Chrissy LeMaire // dbatools

Coding peace of mind: A guide to testing

Say goodbye to accidentally deleted data and faulty committed changes with this GItHub Actions framework.

Hillel Wayne

The five-minute feedback fix

Writing directly-testable design requirements can help deliver high-quality software faster, and with less frustration.

Featured Article

Chaos engineering helps DevOps cope with complexity

How open source is spreading chaos thinking.

Sonia John

Taking a DevRel approach to developer onboarding

Maximizing community participation is a journey, not a destination.

James Turnbull

Optimize local dev environments for better onboarding

Empower your new engineers to hit the ground running.

Anthony Sottile //

Code review is too late for code quality

Let the computers fight the style war so you can focus on what really matters.

Colby Fayock // Applitools

Overcoming human error with code automation and testing

From linting to deployment, here’s how to use automation to cut back grunt work and maximize fun.


Keeping the lights on with Home Assistant

Maintainer Paulus Schoutsen balances function, innovation, and playfulness.


Humanizing bots and building community

A Python core developer, Mariatta Wijaya is right where she belongs.

Joe Lust // mabl

Walking the walk: bringing end-to-end automation and testing to internal teams

On creating streamlined workflows and a seamless developer experience with built-in CI/CD.

George Swan // Autodesk

Transforming productivity with a ‘whole product’ CI/CD pipeline

How a shift towards innersource and shared best practices unified teams on a single DevOps pipeline.

Kevin Mo // Front

Boosting speed and scalability with continuous deployments

Why building fast means balancing risk and practicality—from infrastructure migration to project management.

Austin Hemmelgarn // Netdata

Connected by collaboration: unifying DevOps and open source

On building a developer-first release process for all: remote teams, enterprise users, and the open source community.

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