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Is Laravel the happiest developer community on the planet?

How the PHP framework maintains a perpetual honeymoon period.


(De)coding conventions

The evolution of TypeScript and the future of coding conventions, AI’s role in improving accessibility, and practical advice on encouraging non-code contributions.

Featured Article

TypeScript and the dawn of gradual types

Why choose between static or dynamic when you can get the best of both?

Noah Gift // Pragmatic AI Labs

The case for using Rust in MLOps

Level up your Rust skills and push MLOps forward with GitHub Copilot.

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The modern web’s underrated powerhouse

It’s one of the most important yet under-appreciated building blocks of the internet.


Code like it’s 1995

Go back to basics, tips on securing your OSS project, developer happiness with GitHub’s CEO, and more.

Featured Article

Don’t call it a comeback: Why Java is still champ

Far from dead, the perpetually-popular language is up to speed and ready for the future.

Cassidy Williams // Contenda

Functional Programming 101

A deep dive on the benefits of functional programming and why it’s actually easier than you think.

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Functional programming is finally going mainstream

Object-oriented and imperative programming aren’t going away, but functional programming is finding its way into more codebases.

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What hacking AOL taught a generation of programmers

The open source ethos behind rogue AOL add-ons.

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Move over JavaScript: Back-end languages are coming to the front-end

A new crop of server-side tools is making it possible to build web UIs without JavaScript.

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Astronomy community shapes their own destiny with Astropy

Astronomy is a software based field, and the community is building their own open source tools.

Featured Article

How Python is building a welcoming community for women

The Python community is setting an example other open source communities can follow.

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