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Naas is an all-in-one open source platform democratizing data science with templates.
Karate is an open-core test automation framework for APIs. We have close to 6000 GitHub stars and it is used by dozens of F500 companies.
Support Scape Foundation's open source work. Your donation to the Scape Foundation helps us to create a regenerative future for all life on Earth.
Hey there! I’m David Dias, I create open-source tools for Front-End Developers!
Notifiarr provides free server monitoring using a high quality custom client. The features don't stop there. You gain access to a chat bot that allows you to control your servers, execute custom actions, and turn on lights. Support Notifiarr's work!
Hi, I’m Derek! I’m an infrastructure engineer and software developer that enjoys solving problems.
A Linter for All markup developers. Support Markuplint's open-source work.
For more than 20 years, The Palner Group, Inc. has provided clients with the help and assistance they need to stay competitive in a rapidly changing environment.
Web dev and hardware tinkerer who maintains some tools for Reddit/Discord
Hailing from the Humanities, and trifling with Linux and Emacs. I develop software solutions to make it easier for scholars to do their research, and I publicise them in academia.
xyflow is based in Berlin and focused on developing and maintaining React Flow and Svelte Flow: open-source libraries to build node-based interfaces.
I love C#, .NET, and Mobile App development. I am an avid coder and have developed countless apps. I love working closely with the developer community, helping fellow mobile app and cloud developers make 5-star apps!
Bitcoin and the web walk into a bar. The bartender issues a request, Bitcoin responds "payment required." The web cries in relief.
My main coding passion is to elevate the [Julia programming language](, making it more effective and efficient for developers, users, and beginning programmers.
The OpenMV project is about creating low-cost, extensible, Python powered, machine vision modules and aims at becoming the “Arduino of Machine Vision“. Our goal is to bring machine vision algorithms closer to makers and hobbyists.
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